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2022 - 2023 Classes

We are so excited to announce classes for the 2022 - 2023 school year! You can read more about each class below and see what the class fee for the year is and some blocks have multiple options for some grades. . Families have the option to attend 3 or 4 blocks during the day 

What to expect from each class...

Little sprouts (0 - 36 mo)

Little Sprouts is a new concept for Naked Apple. Ideally, I would love to see this develop into a program that is more than just drop off nursery care. Specific activities will be created for each child based on developmental readiness. For example, star gazing boxes for our 0-6 month sprouts. Sensory hoops for our 6-12 month sprouts. Gross motor experiences for our 12-24 month sprouts. Preschool readiness for our 24m- 36m sprouts, just to name a few. Recent brain research indicates that birth to age three are the most important years in a child's development. I'm excited to be a part of this most critical time of development in your child's life. ($54)

Wiggle, Clap, & Sing!

(PREK 4/5 - 1st)

This will be an interactive class with lots of singing, playing percussion instruments, and expressing ourselves through musical movement. We will explore rhythm and dynamics, learn songs and rhymes, move to fun songs, play circle games, and listen to stories about musical styles and composers. ($42)

Little Naturalists

(PREK 5 -  1st)

This seasonal nature study is Charlottes Mason inspired leaning on poetry, art, hand rhymes, music, living books and hands on activities as we discover the world around us. Each season we will dive into various topics some might include birds of prey, deciduous trees, weather, fungi, mountains, maple sugaring, butterflies and moths. ($52)

Little Builders (prek 3-5)

We will build towers, bridges, buildings, tunnels, and even snacks! We’ll also read books, learn about building tools and play games. Let’s build!  ($42)

Author Study

(Kinder - 2nd)

In this class, students will dig deep into studying a new author and his/her work each month. They will learn critical thinking skills, compare and contrast themes and story elements, explore different types of art through illustrations, and develop a love of stories! We will discuss what makes each author's style unique and let them practice developing their own style. Join us as we explore the wonderful world of Eric Carle, David Shannon, Mercer Mayer, Dr. Seuss, Jan Brett, and so many more! ($40)

Magic treehouse

(1st - 3rd)

Using the Magic Treehouse series as our spine we'll venture through the world to learn history, science, geography, and about famous people and events. We'll visit India, Japan, Pompeii, and even venture to the moon! ($47)

Mixed media Art

(3rd - 5th)

In this mixed media art class students will touch on elements of art, line, color mixing, form, space, texture, value, and tints. We will use watercolors, tempura pain, dyes, and air-dry clay. We will also learn about some famous artists and their techniques along the way. ($77)


(3rd - 6th)

This Spanish course will use a kinesthetic approach to learning the language in a physical context that allows for comprehension without translation. We will use movement and gesture, repetition, everyday objects, and illustration to give students lots of comprehensible input in fun and practical contexts throughout the songs, games, activities, literature, and art projects. Students will also learn facts about different Spanish speaking countries. ($77)

Your body, your self

(3rd - 5th)

In this class, we will investigate the parts of the human body. Each week our goal will be to understand the chosen body part and its God created function. Through a notebook, experiments and games, students should gain a basic understanding of the different parts and how they work together as a whole. And we will have FUN too!!  ($47)

ASL a Deaf allyship

(6th - 12th)

This will be an introduction to ASL and the Deaf community. We will explore Deaf culture and heritage in addition to learning some basic ASL fundamentals. ($42)

Intro to Psychology 

(7th - 12th)

Take every thought captive. How do you actually do that? In this unit, your entire family will be learning about your thoughts, feelings, emotions, reactions, behaviors, personality, and so much more. You will discover where these come from, what is true, and how to manage them from a Biblical perspective. ($77)

Naked Apple and Afraid

(5th - 7th)

We will be learning survival skills, emergency preparedness, first aid, plant science and primitive camping and building. ($82)

Biblical Truths Revealed: The Chronicles of Narnia

(5th - 7th)

Join us as we dive into the imagination of C.S. Lewis. As we make our way through this well-loved series, we will analyze the magic and breakdown the biblical parallels hidden within. ($47 plus book series)

3rd Rock from the Sun

(6th - 12th)

The Earth Sciences course will cover topics to enrich the students' understanding of our environment and planet.    The topics covered include:


-What is weather?

-Why do we have weather?

-Weather patterns

-Cloud types

-Storm types

-Weather fronts

-Low and High pressure


-What is climate?

-What causes climate to change?

-Natural influences on climate  

-Historical climate of the Earth


Ocean currents

Impact of Oceans on Climate and Weather

We will have the opportunity to visit the National Weather Service,  TV Weather Studio, and other science facilities in the area! ($67)

Don't Cancel U.S.

(7th - 8th)

 Over the next year we will look at events and people that helped to shape our country. Taking an honest look at the good and the bad things that would ultimately affect who we are today. Starting with the Native Americans and moving forward to the  present time. Each month we will have a theme that we study; whether it be it great women, authors, inventors, musicians and so many others. Understanding that we will not be able to go through everything that could ever be studied but hopefully giving students the skills needed to not only ask questions but the resources to find the answers.  ($82)

Movers & shakers (Prek 3-5)

We will be learning through sensory play in this class. Play Dough, slime, hydroponic sand, water beads! We will do it all and experience all the sticky, gooey, shiney, slimey, fun! ($77)

Exploring Art with Literature

(PREK 3/4)

Introducing arts and crafts through literature. We will explore different ways to create art by using paints, chalks and various crafts based on our storytime each week. We will have fun learning how to mix colors, incorporating shapes and letters of the alphabet each week. ($77)

Storytime (prek 3-5)

The class will read a book each week and follow up with activities to go along. There will be a different theme each month, e.g. animals, weather, vehicles, colors. ($52)

Magic School bus

(PREK 5 - 1st)

Description coming soon.... ($52)

Traveling the States

(Kinder -  2nd)

We are going on a trip across the 50 States and learning about each states history. We are going to learn about the state flag, important landmarks, the nature of the state such as the state animal, bird, flower, and tree and play fun and educational games. We are also going to learn about traditional recipes that can be found in each state. By the end of the class hopefully we will be able to name all 50 states and locate them on a

map. ($37)

Dino Diggers

(Kinder -  2nd)

Welcome to Dino Diggers! This class is geared for early elementary grades K through 2 and will be lots fun. We will have lessons centered around Gather Round's Dinosaur unit plan. Lessons will explore archaeology, paleontology, and history at first glance. However, children will be learning bible passages, biblical concepts, apologetics, geography, art and much more science throughout.  From the Gather Round website it directly states:

“Dinosaurs follows the stories of adventure, discoveries, and key people who helped contribute to the world's understanding of these giants of the animal kingdom. Written in living book style, the lessons begin with daily devotional prompts, and each week contain a section about apologetics (specifically, how we know that the Bible is true).” 

This class will also have some bonus lessons outside of the curriculum where our students will be enjoying hands on activities and projects.  This class will encourage children to not be afraid to ask big questions and find big answers in class but also bring these questions home for discussion at home. Get ready for a lot of “rawrs!” ($57)


(2nd - 4th)

Explore explosive volcanoes, fascinating rocks, amazing landforms in our hands-on geology class! ($52)

Trip Around the World

(1st - 4th)

In our trip around the world we will learn the geography of the continents and all of the countries on each continent through songs and games.  We will gain cultural awareness of a few countries on each continent, such as the US, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Panama, France, Germany, Italy, Egypt, Russia, China, Japan, India, NIgeria South Africa and Australia. We will explore global art, music, food and storytelling from all over the world. My hope is the class will gain geographical and cultural awareness of the beautiful world we live in! ($77)

Little Aggers

(2nd - 4th)

Where does our food come from? Our own yards! We are going to be growing our own food with our own hands in this class. We will be planting seeds, learning about using nature to keep away pests, harvesting our own crops, seed saving and sharing, making seasonal dishes and so much more! ($77)


(3rd - 6th)

We will take a few books and read them over the course of the year. Focus on interpretation, analysis of the text and comprehension via activities like drawing, play/skits maybe even creating a video. ($52)

Free Market for kids

(4th - 6th)

In this class we will explore the basic tenants of the free market and the importance of entrepreneurs. Our goal by the end of this class will be to develop a product or service and sell it at our first ever Naked Apple Market. ($82)

Flora finders

(4th - 7th)

A Charlotte Mason approach to nature studies. “Children are born naturalists.” In this class we will learn about the wonders of God & His creation through observation and study. Students will keep nature journals and be encouraged to learn to identify local florae and their various uses. Class will be held out of doors as often as possible in order to gain experiential knowledge. ($77)

Naked Apple Press 

(6th - 12th)

Our goal for Naked Apple Press will be to have enough material gathered to make a yearbook for Naked Apple Tribe for the end of 2022-2023 school year!  We will also be working on putting together the monthly newsletter to distribute. 

We will work in groups on different assignments and will be organizing our material as we go along so that it will be ready for print when it’s all done. 

Required Items:

-If a student would like to help take pictures then having their own camera will be a must but there will be other things they can do if they do not have a camera to use.

-Computers would be helpful during class but not required.  ($42)

PE with a Twist

(7th - 12th)

This physical education class will encompass:


• Tae Kwon Do (Way of the hand and foot)
• Basic Self Defense 
• Pilates


Students will need to bring a pair of pants and a shirt they don't mind getting sweaty. 

Class will begin with a warm up, and then vary from week to week on 1 of the 3 subjects listed above. ($82)

Art History

(7th - 12th)

Discovering Great Artists" encourages students to know the great artists from the renaissance to the present. They will explore their techniques through hands-on experience. Students will explore a variety of artistic mediums including paint, chalk and pencil drawings, sculpture, collage, and construction. As we explore artistic styles such as cubism, abstract, cartoon, naturalism, impressionism and folk art, students will be inspired to read books, to visit museums, and to see the world in a new way. Hopefully students will encompass a greater sense of history and art appreciation, and see themselves in a grander scope of time. ($127)

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