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Don’t Know Where to Start with homeschooling? You’re in the right place. There are many networks, communities, co-ops, and resources available to promote the benefits of homeschooling and support homeschooling families. Below is a list of the ones we have found helpful through the years.

Homeschool Legal Defense Association
Since 1983, this organization has been a national advocate of the legal right to homeschool. HSLDA produces handouts such as “You Can Homeschool! Through High School”, and “A Guide for Homeschooling Through High School”.


Here is how HSLDA helps:
–Protects your right to homeschool and defends your family. A lawyer is on call 24/7.
–Provides fast help by phone or email, especially advice on homeschooling through high school, and on homeschooling a child with learning struggles or special needs.
–Preserves homeschool freedom for all families by promoting homeschooling nationwide, as well as by working with state homeschooling groups to pass homeschool-friendly legislation and stop unfavorable bills at the state and federal levels.
–Discounts, webinars, and more benefits are described on their website.

-Find your Letter of Intent for your state. 

–You save $15 per year on dues, thanks to our new group discount.


Naked Apple Homeschool Co-op is now a discount group member with HSLDA and to your benefit you can join HSLDA through Naked Apple! 
–Use Naked Apple Tribes Discount number 211257!
– Fill out this application to apply. 

Home Educators Association of Virginia is the oldest and largest member-supported, statewide, non-profit homeschool association. Since 1983 we have successfully worked to promote and protect home education in Virginia through information, legislation, and resources.

Why become a member of HEAV. 

Join HEAV to stand together in protecting the hard-won homeschool rights we have today. Heave is the voice of Virginia Homeschoolers in legislature, providing up-to-date information and knowledgeable representation at the General Assembly and with the Department of Education. HEAV monitors legislative activity, pursues legislation that benefits homeschoolers, and fights proposals that would restrict your freedom to educate your children. You need to know you’re not alone on this wonderful, wacky, and blessed journey of homeschooling. You are part of a community that encourages and helps one other, and you have someone to call for accurate information. Your membership dollars and donations help to equip and encourage thousands of homeschool families.  Learn more about membership benefits and to join here. 

How to Start  Homeschooling in Virginia

If you need help getting started homeschooling or are looking for where to submit your notice of intent you can check out this article by HEAV which is very informative and walks you through each step. 

Virginia Homeschool Laws 
Not sure how to start homeschooling in Virginia? You can read about your three options in detail here:


Northern Virginia Homeschool Athletic Association (NVHAA) 
The Northern Virginia Homeschool Athletic Association (NVHAA) is  “a high school varsity and junior varsity sports association established primarily for homeschooled young men and women ages 13-18 who do not otherwise have the opportunity to play competitive high school sports. NVHAA is a 501c3 non-profit, Christian-led or
ganization. The Centurions teams are members of the Eastern Christian Conference.”

Flames Homeschool Sports

Flames Homeschool Sports and More is a Christian organization that supports homeschool families in Warren County, VA, and the surrounding areas. It was established to give homeschooled children the opportunity to participate in athletics and other activities with their homeschooled peers. The Flames strives to provide homeschooled children with excellent instruction in a positive, Christ-centered environment that fosters lifelong friendships. All Flames teams and activities are governed by policies based on traditional Biblical principles. Flames members (athletes, coaches, and parents) agree to abide by these principles and policies, and to conduct themselves in a manner that seeks to imitate Christ. 



HEARTH (“Home Education Achieved Responsibly Through Him”) is a Christian homeschool support group for both West Virginia and Virginia, mostly in Mercer and Tazewell Counties. We meet four times a year for our Parents’ Night Out meetings to plan events, fellowship, and encourage one another in our homeschooling. 

Record Keeping and Transcripts
Transcripts and record keeping can be scary words for the homeschool mom facing high school. At NAked Apple we want to point you to the experts on transcripts and record keeping.   Home Educators Association of Virginia offers information on homeschooling your high school including how to award high school credit, help writing your transcripts, a transcript service and transcript examples. HSLDA has recourses for record keeping and high school transcripts 

Need Support?
Feel like you need someone to help you walk through the process or just need someone to listen and help give suggestions? Contact us at so we can set you up with a homeschool mentor at the co-op. 

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